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The Online Trading Center offers trading and investment ideas on US equities. We have over 20 years of work experience in trading and asset management.

Our knowledge in the financial markets allows us to highlight best trading ideas to maximize your gains.

We offer stock trading alerts, investment ideas and mentoring.

Wissam Azhari

Wissam Azhari has a bachelors and Master’s degree in Finance from Webster University, USA. He started trading since 1998 and worked for number of financial institutions as a financial consultant and then moved to asset management and managed private accounts since then. During his 22 years of trading he gained an extensive knowledge of technical analysis, market forecasting and risk management.

Investment Approach:

During my 22 year career I have studied the stock market’s biggest winners throughout history. Stocks such as Apple, Microsoft and Tesla. I’ve been able to narrow down the top 10 characteristics these stocks all had in common before they went on to make tremendous gains. I use these characteristics today to expose my clients to the best growth stocks I can find during healthy markets. By using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, I am able to narrow down the stock universe to a handful of names. More importantly, when the market shows warning signs, I reduce my exposure and preservation of capital becomes my number one concern.